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London Film and Comicon 2006

Just got back from LFCC. So excited omf. ELIJAH and JORGE and no Maggie, damnit, and FIREFLY BOYS and WHEE

I went with two of my friends who are not in fandom - as in, they probably don't know such a thing exists. They came round mine last night because I was so anal about the whole day - WE HAVE TO ARRIVE IN TIME. So, I got up at 5:30 in the morning so that everyone would have time to get washed and dressed and breakfasted in time to get to the station for 7:00. We arrived at Earl's Court at 8:00, which is pretty much when they said to arrive if you wanted to see Elijah and not wait for 9869675 hours. At first we were sent to the wrong queue, but we made it eventually.

I had so much fun listening to all the people in the queue. Everyone was all happy and geeky and geeky, which I dig. There was a woman with an Elven broach and I wanted to go up to her and point and squee, but I was trying to hide the extent of my fandom/geek persona from my friends I was with. They already thought I knew too much about Elijah (I showed them the barest tip of the iceberg *giggle*).

We got inside around 9:10 and I immediately marched of to the place where you got tickets for Elijah autographs. No 346, ten minutes after the doors opened. Not bad.

We hung around for a couple of hours doing, like, nothing (I met emma_took , and much squeeing occurred). Then at 10:30 we started queueing up for the photo session. So boring queueing like that. It took, like, 45 for anything to happen. Then Elijah came out and some people clapped (Hey! He can walk! *applause*) and after that it all moved surprisingly quickly. I found it rather hilarious to watch, really. Elijah just sat there on his stool/chair/whatever and people came and stood next to him and he smiled the exact. same. smile for everyone. Now, I know it's pretty monotonous getting your photo taken with strangers for an hour, but I liked watching it happen. Every now and then, someone would bring a baby in and then the baby would get a full, open mouthed smile, but apart from that, it was the lovely closed-lip smile which makes his cheeks go all rounded and lovely <3.

Then we got closer (and Elijah was closer) and I was hopping about a bit going "I'm so nervous, I'm really anxious, omg Elijah" etc. The girl in front of us was in a wheelchair, so when it came her time to get a photo, she pushed out of the chair and walk-hobbled towards him and he held his arms out to, like, catch her and it was so sweet! She was basically using him as a crutch to hold herself upright, and someone further along the queue was saying how he was about to fall off his chair. Then she walk-hobbled off to the other side and he was reaching after her to help her, even though he wasn't doing anything except holding her wrist.

Then my friend Nicki went up to get her photo and ... I don't have anything else to say about that. She got a photo. Of course, I was much too busy thinking "I'm next!" So I walked towards him and he turned to face me and said, "Hi, how are you?" and I said, "I'm fine, how are you?" (I'm always polite) but I cant remeber if he said anything in reply. Then I leant into him (and I had to lean far cause he's way shorter than me) and put my hand on his back, sort of by the shoulder blade. But you can't see that in the picture. But it doesn't matter, cause I know it's there *beam*

And his ear was RIGHT BY MY EAR and my hair was RIGHT BY HIS STUBBLY EFFORT and we were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER for about three seconds, then I walked off.

Good times.

We got our photos at around 3:00, and Elijah looks exactly the same in mine and Nicki's. It looks like he hasn't moved, but I know he did ... exactly the same. Except in mine he looks tiny cause I'm bigger than him, and in hers he looks big cause she's smaller than him.

My picture turned out really well. I thought it might not (cause of me, not him) cause I often don't like pictures of myself, but in this one I'm grinning so hard you can see the dimples which only come out when I'm grinning so hard *grins* If it had been a poor picture of me, I would have been most upset, but it is good and so I have it right next to me and I'm looking at it periodically for inspiration/lustiness.

kissing_athelas just pointed out that my BOOB is touching his ARM. Dude *never washes boob again* He musta had a whole load of boobs pressed into his arm that day *snerk*

Next, we had to kill time until Elijah was signing again, so I went to get an autograph of Alan Tudyk (of Firefly).

I wasn't going to get one, because I saw my first ever episode of Firefly on Tuesday of this week and I was like, that's way too soon to be spending loads of money on it, but then he was there and all blond (shame, I liked the red hair) and the autographs were only £15 (only, psht. But I did think they'd be £20) so I decided to get one. But I had to go by myself, cause Nicki and Simone have never watched Firefly and they don't care about wonderful people I love, so they just stood at the back and took photos of him for me. Which was really nice, cause both of their cameras are better than my camera and they got better photos from their angles. And they're going to email them to me.

Because the whole thing was not Pre-Planned like my other autographs, I used the free pictures they provide. I went up and he held out his hand so I shook it (I know what to do in social situations). He said something along the lines of "Hello, *something something something*" but Something that ended in me telling him my name was Hannah. He asked how to spell it (the normal way) and then he wrote "Hannah - I am a leaf on the wind" and I went all happy, cause that's what he says and then kablam.

The whole time I was acting like a complete weirdo, cause I couldn't force any of the things in my head out of my mouth (which is probably a good thing, since the foremost of these things was "Your accent sounds so fake," (Please note: this is his real accent which sounds fake to me)). So I just said nothing, but he was very lovely and friendly and generally kept the conversation going through my social spaz-out and then the nice assitant lady person took a photo of us, but it's not a good photo of me, which is a shame. I did have my hand in his armpit while it was taken though. Um, good?

We had time to kill again, so we wandered around looking at all the stalls. I swear, if I had about £5 million, I would by everything there. Well, not everything, but definitely the Chris Reeve autograph, and the broken hilt of Narsil, and probably Sting, and they had some costume things from Serenity which I well wanted, and a floor tile from the set of Minas Tirith, which on closer inspection appeared to be made of fabric. wtf? Did they pave Minas Tirith in fabric?

In the end I just bought a poster of Serenity (shiny) and a couple of LOTR picture card things with short sections of film - does everyone know what I'm talking about? Yes? Yes? Good. One is Merrry and Pippin and is pretty and the other has three sections of film, the first is Frodo fingering the ring (I love saying that), the second is Theoden crying over dead Theodred, and the third is some random scene in Minas Tirith (now I think about it, it's the one where Gimli is sitting in Denethor's chair after the Battle of Peleannor Fields).

By then it was time to go see Elijah!

Of course, once you get there you have to queue again for 67842 minutes. Somehow it's made more bearable by the fact that once you get inside the big box where they keep him, you can actually spot glimses of him through the crowds. They had about a thousand million different free photos for you to choose from to get signed. I had my own, but since they were giving them away (uh...) I took one of theirs, cause it was pretty. It's the photoshoot of the four hobbits in their fancy get ups when they come home to the Shire. It's shiny.

Eventually we got to the part of the line where there is no one in front of you, so we all started snapping madly away. My camera is so not-good that most of my photos, started when Elijah is looking up, end up with him bending over to sign something. But I did get a few good ones. Red eyes in the lot of them, of course *rolls eyes*

When we got really really close, I stopped taking photos in order to just stare blindly at him. He's so pretty. Why so pretty? His eyes are all big and his mouth is all pink and his moustache looks all French-handlebar-y (okay, not quite). And his head is all fuzzy and he's all tiny and when he talks he moves his mouth his eyebrows all pretty like.

Then we got even closer and I started taking photos again, but I forgot to zoom out, so there are some closeclose ones (not closecloseclose, but close). The girl in fron of me was getting five autographs (dude, I wish I had £100 to spend on Elijah autographs). She was some some Northern European country, from what I could tell of the accent. He signed a whole bunch for her and I was happily snapping away beside her *glee*. She also had a picture of Kevin which had been signed and she expained how she'd bought it for large sums of money and wanted to check if it was actually Elijah's signature. He took it out and looked at it and said he thought it was. He said it was sloppy and his writing was sloppy, especially when he's been signing for a long time. He also said he'd tell her if it definitely wasn't.

His assitant took my photo and when she slid it over to him, she said, "That's a nice photo," (that's this one by the by) and he said, "Yeah, it is," and Hannah went "Whee!" but inside. The German-or-wherever-she-was-from lady in front was still sorting out her multiple photos and I really wanted to shunt her along - My turn to be in front of Elijah, mine! When he handed the picture to me, I said "Thank you very much, I really appreciate it," which may of may not have come out as "Really 'ppreicate you," but all slurred so it sounds like nothing recognisable.

i cun talk gud yaye!

Then I stood at the side and snapped more snaps while my friends were getting their autographs. We put all our pictures in the plastic bag as we were coming out of the box thing, but then when we took them out to look at them, the writing on my friend's was a little smudged. Took out my photo - yes, her writing had smudged onto my picture! But not just anywhere - ONTO HIS NOSE. My beautiful autographed photo has silver pen on its nose! I don't know whether to laugh of cry, but my inclination is to laugh. Hehehe, silvernose.

And then we cried tears of joy forevermore.

After that, I went back to the main autograph table cause I really wanted to waste my money.

I had to go in the Jorge queue alone again, cause my friends just don't care about Lost (losers). While they were waiting at the side for me though, some bloke with a "Crew" t-shirt on came and started talking to them about how he'd seen the last episode of season 2, heh heh heh, and there were three cliff hangers, heh heh heh, and they going to be so excited to see it, heh heh heh, and just generally being a creepy creepy guy. Totally backfired of course, because the reason they weren't in the queue is cause they have no interest in Lost, so his pick up line fell totally flat. LOLZ!

I had two photos of Jorge and I couldn't decided which one to get him to sign, so I took both up. One is him feeding Maggie food at the Golden Globes and t'other is him at the DVD launch laughing and his head is thrown back in glee and it's a glorious picture. I held them both out to him and told him I couldn't choose, and he had too. He took them both and considered them carefully. It was very impressive, cause he knew exactly where each of them was from (more than I did - apparantly the GG one was in US Weekly. Who knew?)

Eventually I just said, sign the DVD one! so he did. It reads, To Hannah, That was hilarious! *scribble*

Now, when I first read his dedication, I was like, omg, he said I was hilarious! omg! I took it out to my friends and Nicki said, "Wow, what he wrote matches the picture," and that made me think he just wrote it cause he's laughing in the picture. And then I was all woeful, cause I thought he wrote it to me *pout* emily_112 said he probably wrote it cause of what was in the picture cause I didn't do anything that was particularly hilarious, and while she's absolutely right, I choose to ignore her logic and go with my own - HE SAID I WAS HILARIOUS, YAYE!

After that, I decided I really hadn't spent enough money yet, so I joined the queue for Nathan Fillion.

My friend Nicki came up with me this time, which was great cause I hate waiting in a queue by myself - apart from anything else, it made me feel like I had dragged my friends to this even they had no interest in and was making them stand around while I acted like an enormous fangirl. I shook his hand (he was really warm. It was a warm day, but he was really really warm). He asked who I wanted to have my autograph made out to and the following exchange took place.

Nathan: Would I spell that H-A-N-N-A-H?
Hannah: If you want to spell it right.
Nathan: Which I would tend to do, yeah.
Hannah: Then, yes, you would spell it like that.
Nathan: *writes Hannah* Now tell me Hannah, how long have you been a smart ass?
Hannah: *faints inside* Oh, since I was born.
Nathan: *writing* I see. Is your dad one too?
Hannah: Yes. My mum too. It's the whole family. Tragic really.
Nathan: Tragic.

Basically, I'm more than a little bit in love with him now.

Then I asked for a photo, so he stood up and leant across the table, shaking my hand again (I like to think of it as "holding my hand"). But Nicki took the photo wrong the first time so tragically I was forced to stand leaning into him for a long time.

Also, and not least in my mind, I MET emma_took OMG YAYE

Emma is my internet bff since, like 2004, and we had never met before and I phoned her from outside and then I was all OMG I SPOKE TO EMMA and then we went inside and met up by the Pink Panther car and I was like OMG IT'S EMMA and emily_112 was with her, of course, and they are like two little crazy things when you get them together and we all spent long time squeeing over fandom and fics and stuff. And one of the joys and long term aims of my life was accomplished today, that being having a conversation out loud involving the words "slash", "otp", "ot3", "fic" and ship names (those mentioned included Monaboyd (theirs), Domlijah (mine), Vigorli (no one's), Orlijah (no-one's-but-I-like-it), etc.

Also, I got to describe men having sex out loud, and I really enjoyed that. /weirdo

And now I shall go and hang out with them in emily_112 's house all the time, since it is only 20min walk from my house and the pressure of it being First Meeting OMG is over (just to, like, warn you guys).

And I bought Emma a print og Jack Sparrow and she got me a picture of Maggie looking really fucking hot (and about which my mother said "why would you want a photo of a woman in an uncomfortable pose?", to which I decided not to reply, "Cause it's really fucking hot," and responded with, "It's arty," which techincally it is too).

My main dissappointment of the day was that Maggie wasn't there. I can't believe Maggie wasn't there! (Yes, I have been saying that all day. It's still true)

I'm not going back tomorrow, but emma_took and emily_112 are so I gave them my picture and money to get her autograph and have given instructions to tell her how I really wanted to meet her and am totally upset that she wasn't there (why wasn't she there?)

And it has taken me about 2 hours to write this post. Apologies for the typos, I'm sure they are frequent.

I'm about to upload all my photos into another post. I have about 60 in total, but that's of everyone. I am planning on uploading all the ones Nicki and Simone took when they send them to me, which isn't yet, so there should be a couple more posts from me on Comicon.

Photos here
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